A new year’s resolution that took a while to get round to…

Tired, but can never switch off?  A stay at home mum hit with the daily lunchtime slump in energy or a working mum trying to stay awake on the tube (bus/train/car/walking).  Either way – I get it.  I’ve decided to celebrate it and be grateful for having such a full life…as I put another cup of coffee in the microwave to reheat, count to ten before answering the same question from one of my little people for the fifth time in two minutes and march at optimum speed, powering a double buggy overflowing with bags down the high street as pedestrians dive out of the way to save themselves from the crazed mum on a mission with a slightly wild look in her eye and an ‘everything’s fine, actually just great’ expression on her face, (well practised and convincing).

Never enough hours, always something to do and someone needing attention…I wouldn’t change it for the world!  (honest)  So pop by and visit me in my little corner of south west London.  Its always nice to chat and share …

Oh and yes, starting this blog was my New Year resolution (can’t remember which year).  I have three little people, all born in less than four years, and the eldest is now five – so sometimes, things just take a bit longer…


2 thoughts on “A new year’s resolution that took a while to get round to…

  1. Keep it going. I never had time to write a blog and am not sure I am technically-minded enough to start one! x

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